The Offer

What I’m about to share with you is for real. Its not a get rich quick scheme, its not network marketing, MLM or any of sorts. Its simply an opportunity to be an early entrant into an emerging asset class called cryptocurrencies.

You probably may have heard about this emerging asset class before or probably not but over the course of the next couple of years, a huge transfer of wealth will occur that will shift trillions of dollars from certain assets into cryptocurrencies.

So for starters, I need to explain what cyptocurrencies (and cypto assets) are. Then I will explain why millionaires and billionaires will be made from this wealth transfer and how you can start to get involved.

Cyptocurrencies... What are they?

The internet ushered us into the information age. The ability to generate, transfer and share data exploded with the advent of the internet. I could stay in a room, in a God forsaking part of the world, take a picture and share this data I just guaranteed with a billion people across the world and still be in possession of this data (the picture).

The internet technology made data and information of all types available to all but it had one limitation. There was no way value could be transferred across the internet until now.
The above example is an example of a transfer of data and not value because anything that has an infinite (unlimited) supply is not valuable. Value is what the block-chain technology presents. The block chain is the technology behind cryptocurrencies.
Let me explain what this is in simple terms, Cryptocurrencies (or the decentralized block-chain) is the decentralized, (that means there are no physical cryptocurrency companies e.g there is no bitcoin company, no Ethereum company etc) open internet ledger.
A ledger is a book where records are kept. Using my example of the picture I generated and sent to a billion people above, if I send this same picture on the block chain, I would only be able to send it to just one person. The picture will cease to be mine and it becomes that of the recipient.

For every new transaction made on this open internet ledger, a fresh copy of all existing transactions ever made on this ledger plus the new one just made is printed and it is attached to the previous copies hence the name block chain.

1 – 5
2 – 6
3 – 
4 – 

Six previous transactions were made on the ledger

1 – 6
2 – 
3 – 7
4 – 
5 –

A new transaction has just been made. This verified updated ledger is added to the previous one hence the name “block-chain”

1 – 6 – 
2 – 7 –
3 – 8 –
4 – 

1 – 6 – 
2 – 7 –
3 – 8 –
4 – 9 –

And on, and on…

1 – 6 – 
2 – 7 –
3 – 8 –
4 – 9 –
5 – 10 –

Me – 3 – 
Emeka – 15 –
Musa 22 – 


There is a strong reason the coming transfer of wealth will be championed by cryptocurrencies. This reason is because all currencies of today are fiat (decreed into existence) they are not backed by anything. They are simply pieces of paper back by the governments that issued them. The US Dollars was backed by gold before 1973, that year president Nixon, took the United States and by default the world off the gold standard.

From time immemorial its been commodities with inherent value that has been used as money e.g salt, silver,gold, silk etc. every time in human history that fiat currency (i.e paper money) has been used, it has ultimately reverted to its true value – zero. Our present economic structure is the same… fiat currency is dying.

Why is fiat currency so limited?

The simple answer is because of central banks (governments). For any currency to have and retain value, there must be a limited supply. The reason gold has been a store of value since ancient times because of its limited supply i.e more gold is not being formed. It’s the same amount beneath the earth that is being mined and that supply is limited. Well folks, that is not the case with central banks. They have 2 arsenals with which they print money at will.

  • Fractional Reserve Banking: This is simply the fact that banks can create 10 Nairas for every 1 Naira they have in their vault.
  • Quantitative Easing: The ability of central banks to stimulate an economy by printing an infinite amount of money via the purchase of government issued debts (treasury bonds, treasury notes, treasury bill).Let me explain why this was what brought us to be brink of a world economic collapse in 2008 and why it will push the world into its next economic collapse and subsequent wealth transfer.

Normal economies experiences ups and downs

Normal economies swing from boom to burst once in every few years. Infact, it is said we experience a recession once every 5-8 years. That normal cycle has been tampered with. Remember, I said in 1973, President Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard. From that point on, the dollar because a free floating currency and became vulnerable to manipulation.

There is no more substance that has an inherent value backing the dollar anymore.

In the 80s, there was a savings and loans crisis in the united states, instead of allowing the crash to take its course on the economy (i.e a recession occurring) so that the economy would come out stronger. The united States government bailed out that industry with millions of dollars. 

Again in the 90s there was another crash in the US and the fed reserve bank went into bailouts again, this time to the tune of billions of dollars. Then in the first decade of the 21st century, during the dot-com crash of 2003 and the housing financial crisis of 2008, the bailouts were in the trillions of dollars. 

Unfortunately, that was not enough, the economy at that point (in 2008), like a junckie had become immune to the effects of bail outs, it took more to stabilize it. 

The Federal reserve bank cut interest rates to near zero and for the first time (though the Japanese has been using it)the Federal reserve bank resorted to QUANTITATIVE EASING. Between 2009 – 2013, the Federal reserve bank was printing about 2 billion dollars everyday (download my free eBook for the full overview)

How Does All these relate to a wealth transfer?

Well, the U.S central bank (the Federal reserve bank) in 2013 said it will begin to normalize its monetary policy (i.e stop Q.E and start increasing interest rates). It did a small increase in December 2015, it did 2 small increases in 201, it did 2 in 2017 and has increased the Federal fund rates (interest rates) twice this year (2018) but it is obvious it can’t continue its normalization of economic policy because its economy and that of the world at large can’t take it.

The world economy is headed for another major crash which bail outs and Q.E may not be able to salvage. The financially intelligent know this and this is where cryptocurrencies become very relevant.

Cryptos… The Salvation

This technology was introduced in 2009 by a person named SATOSHI NAKAMOTO. Unlike fiat currency that is not backedby anything and has an infinite supply, Bitcoin(and other cryptos) are formed when a complex math problem is solved (called cryptography), this requires a lot of electricity and computing power.
(Actually, it cost about $4,000- $4,500) to mine 1 bitcoin in 2018). Also, there is a limited amount of bitcoin that can be mined up to 2140 when the last bitcoin will be mined. There will be only 21million bitcoins available in circulation worldwide.

Investing for Financial Freedom...

If you had invested 1 dollar in bitcoin in 2010 it will be worth 2.1 million dollars today (Oct 2018). One bitcoin was worth $0.003 in 2010 is today worth $6,400 per bitcoin( Oct 2018). As I write this in 0ct 2018, it has witnessed an outstanding 210,000,000% increase in value over that period of time. It has been estimated that over the next 5 years, Bitcoin could hit the $250,000 price mark or more per Bitcoin.

A lot of dollar millionaires and Multimillionaires have already been produced already and the good news is this is just the beginning. Research shows that at the moment,only about 8% of the population has heard about bitcoin and only less than 1% of the population worldwide are invested in cryptocurrencies.

Apart from bitcoin, there are other cryptocurrencies and the crypto-assets that have more intrinsic value than bitcoin as they are platforms on which businesses of the future are going to be built. Some are platform on which decentralized apps (called dAPPs) are currently being built,some are platform on which financial institutions are being built.some are decentralized market place (like Amazon) on the block chain etc.

I will give an example here, Ethereum. Microsoft is already in partnership with this block-chain platform. In January of 2017, one ether (the token of this cryto-asset Ethereum) only cost about 3 dollars). It rose to over $400 dollars in June (2017) before peaking at over $1400 in Jan of 2018.

Don't want to bore you with too much talk

Trust me, the world is on a verge of a major financial shift. This major shift will wreck the masses (it always does). But for the financially intelligent few, it will make them Big Time!!!

In the next 2-3 years I will be a multimillionaires in Naira. I want to take you on this adventure with me.

I have been involved in the crypto space for over 2 years. I have made a quick buck here and there but majorly, I have invested for the long term (2-3 years) and I am inviting you to come along with me on the journey to financial freedom.

The world currently sits on an overall asset worth 635 trillion dollars. Some of that money today is looking for a stable asset with a finite supply to move into.

If only 10% of that amount enters the Cryptospace (it is estimated that more the that percentile might move into the crypto space in the next 3years) that will take the overall capitalization of crypto currencies from $220 billion dollars today (Oct 2018) to about 63.5 trillion dollars in the next 2-3 years. That transfer will make you a multimillionaire in Naira if you invest your ₦5,000, ₦10,000, ₦20,000 etc. Remember, an investment of $1 (about ₦150 then) in 2010 in Bitcoin is now worth about $2.1million (over ₦700million) now.

The I will provide you

  • A do it yourself eBook that will give you the basic understanding you need to be able to start making your own investment in cryptocurrencies. The eBook is a manual that will school you on how to convent you Naira into bitcoin, how to use the various exchanges to convert your bitcoin into any other cryptocurrency or cryptoasset you want. It will also show you how to convert any of your crypto back into bitcoin and into Naira or dollars. The eBook also comes with an list of crypto-assets (I am heavily invested in crypto-assets as against just crypto currencies) that are below 1$ that have immense potential for wealth creation. (Please note, any Crypto currency that you cannot buy directly for yourself on any of the international exchanges that you can only buy from some other persons is a scam!)
  • An access to our investment recommendations (cryptos based on our analysis with great room for growth)
  • A WhatsApp group, a platform where you can contact us personally in case you need one on one guidance.
  • A weekly email and whatsapp post: We publish a weekly "state of the market"report which includes entry and exit points of certain crypto to trade on the short term (though I’m majority invested for the long term certain cryptos move 30%, 50% and sometimes 100% over a short time frame and I take advantage of them from time to time).
  • A weekly market review published on our blog

How much will all these cost you?

In proper valuation

  • The entire package costs ₦20,000


I will be very generous. I desire to lead on army of young Nigerians who probably have tried so many online schemes without any result to the wealth and prosperity that is available in the cryptospace.

I will not charge you ₦22,000 (Twenty Two Thousand Naira)

I will not even charge you ₦10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira)

I will charge ₦5,000 (Five Thousand Naira) only for the package. This discount will only be available for a short period of time after which the price will revert back to its normal value.

In this vast world of this emerging asset class you need an experienced hand to hold your hands and lead you.

To receive your eBook and all the services attached, pay in the sum of ₦5,000 (Five Thousand Naira) only into the following account.

Lawoyin Lolade Abayomi
UBA (Savings Account)

Send an email which should include the name with which you made the depositor or transfer to when I receive an alert of your deposit/transfer, I will sent the download links of the eBook into your email and add you up to my WhatsApp and telegram group. It’s the journey to financial freedom, a wealth transfer is coming, see you.